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The Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences believes that many investigators would benefit from including a genomic and/or proteomic component to their research, but may not be aware of the resources available to them or how to include genomics and/or proteomics. We provide a foundation that encourages UAB faculty to build research and clinical programs which include genomic sciences. The Heflin Center seeks to empower investigators by providing support in the areas of education and outreach, study design and data analysis, and technology.

Education and Outreach

In an effort to educate UAB faculty about the use of genomics and proteomics in their research, we offer both traditional and nontraditional approaches to education and outreach including:
  • Lectures given at grand rounds, departmental, or divisional seminars
  • Campus-wide Newsletter
  • Seminars, workshops, and symposia
  • Academic and Professional Development courses
  • Genomics immersion course

Personalized Healthcare Competencies Project

The Personalized Healthcare Competencies Project defined proficiencies needed by all students in the 21st century, regardless of major area of study. It is intended to catalyze and guide the integration of material related to personalized healthcare into curricula across the UAB community. Rather than prescribe a specific course aimed at a specific audience, this approach is intended to take into account the needs and opportunities to provide education in all areas, including undergraduate and graduate, as well as health professions, biomedical science, social science, business, engineering, etc. Like the concept of personalized healthcare itself, the approach is predicated on the idea that pedagogic approaches should be customized to the needs of diverse learners and should be as flexible as possible.

Personalized Healthcare Competencies 

Genomic and Genetic Competencies for Clinical Investigators

Study Design and Data Analysis

Study design and data analysis are closely linked, as the data analysis will only be successful if the study is well designed from the beginning. The Heflin Center offers assistance with study design and data analysis through the Genomics Core Laboratories and Dr. David Crossman as well as the Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics Program (BSGP) and Dr. Hemant Tiwari. The BSGP can help investgators identify either service-oriented assistance in study design or active collaborators to participate in the design and analysis of data. All investigators are encouraged to inquire about study design BEFORE beginning their research. 


UAB investigators have access to outstanding technology resources in both genomics and proteomics. For a complete list of technologies available, visit the Genomics Core Laboratories


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