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Here in Alabama, a place of rich diversity,
stands our Alma Mater. We cherish her integrity.
May each loyal son and daughter wear
proudly the colors green and gold.
Praise to thee, our UAB. Her honor we uphold.

Yearning minds of age and youth
live and love her noble truth.
Moving ahead with blazing speed
t’wards knowledge to empow’r,
in the heart of Birmingham our UAB stands proud.


At UAB in Birmingham
All hail our players bold
They are the mighty Blazers
Who wear the green and gold

Tonight let’s fire their golden blaze
The flame of victory
Go, Blazers! Go, Blazers!
Win for UAB!


All hail Alma Mater
We sing this song for thee
Raise up the banner
For Blazer victory!

All hail Alma Mater
We pledge to always be
Ever faithful, ever loyal
To dear old UAB!