The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for the leadership and management of UAB’s Office of Human Resources. The Office of the CHRO supports the mission, vision and goals of UAB by developing long-range human capital plans and strategies including recruiting, retaining, rewarding and developing faculty and staff.

MISSION: We will work as a collaborative, caring partner to ensure the efficient delivery of HR services in meeting the needs of those we serve. We are committed to demonstrating integrity and a positive, forward-thinking approach with the services we offer.

VISION: Providing proactive, innovative service by removing barriers and enhancing the quality of work-life for those we serve.


  • Driving change
  • Embracing innovation
  • Doing the right thing with integrity, credibility and knowledge
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Service-orientation with care and compassion

ORGANIZATION: HR Organizational Chart (updated January 2019)

Chief Human Resources Officer

"Our forward-looking HR staff is committed to discovering and implementing personal and professional opportunities to help employees perform at peak efficiency in a supportive and challenging work environment."