If you need extra support when you’re ready to quit smoking, the UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center provides a variety of free tobacco cessation services for employees and online resources to help you succeed.

Tobacco Cessation Counseling

Tobacco cessation resources and discounted products are available as part of the UAB employee benefits packages. Employees and members of their immediate household are eligible for four free nicotine counseling sessions per calendar year. Sessions are conducted by a licensed mental health professional either in one-on-one or group counseling sessions. Benefit-eligible employees enrolled in a UAB medical plan must attend all four sessions and receive a certificate of completion to apply for a Discontinuation of Tobacco Surcharge.

  • Group Counseling: Registration is now open for 2021 tobacco cessation group counseling sessions, starting in January and February. Tobacco cessation groups will be held virtually. See program flyer for more information.
  • One-on-One Counseling: Contact the EACC to schedule a one-on-one counseling session. Tobacco cessation counseling is offered in addition to the free benefit of up to 15 counseling sessions per year available to UAB, UAB Medicine, VIVA Health, Homewood City School System employees and i3 Academy School System Employees.

UAB Nonsmoking Policy & FAQs

Visit the Employee Wellness Love Your Lungs webpage for UAB's Tobacco Use Policy for Employees, UAB Tobacco Surcharge FAQs and additional tobacco cessation resources.

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Tobacco Cessation Resources

Follow the links below for quick access to online tobacco cessation resources.

Tips to Help You Quit

Tips to Help You Quit

NIH Tips to Quit Smoking (PDF)

This handout gives helpful tips and guidelines to help you stop smoking today including finding ways to relax, lining up support and making a plan. It also includes a Pledge to Live Smoke-Free handout to help solidify your plans.

CDC: Quit Guide

This guide by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has links to help you through the entire smoking cessation process. It offers information on taking steps to quit, learning about Nicotine Replacement Therapy, preventing slips, preparing for cravings and more.

American Lung Association: How to Quit Smoking

This webpage offers advice and tips for smoking cessation including information on talking to your doctor, what to expect and finding resources and support groups to help you through the quitting process.

Great American Smokeout

Information from the American Cancer Society on the annual nationwide event to quit smoking, including resources and tools to help you stop smoking today.

Information on Smoking

Information on Smoking

Harms of Smoking & Benefits of Quitting

Information from the National Cancer Institute on the impact of smoking on short- and long-term health outcomes and the short- and long-term health benefits of quitting.


This webpage, sponsored by the Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute, provides professional assistance and general information about a wide range of topics related to smoking and quitting information, as well as resources designed specifically for veterans, women, teens, smokers over 60 and Spanish speakers:

Mindfulness & Smoking

Mindfulness & Smoking

Smokefree.gov: Practice Mindfulness

This Smokefree.gov site provides information on the practice of mindfulness — how it can help you stop smoking, cope with cravings, and reduce depression and anxiety.

TED Talk: Can Mindfulness Help You Quit Smoking?

Dr. Judson Brewer, University of Massachusetts Associate Professor and Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness, talks about utilizing mindfulness as a different approach to quit smoking and shares information on how it works and what to do.

Apps to Help You Quit

Apps to Help You Quit


iPhone | 3.5/5
Android | 4/5

QuitGuide helps you stop smoking through tracking smoking triggers, cravings and mood and by helping you articulate your reasons for not smoking and by monitoring progress towards smoke free milestones.



iPhone | 4/5
Android | 3.5/5

This free app helps you quit through tailored tips, challenges and inspiration. It also includes games to distract you when you are struggling with cravings.



iPhone | 4.4/5
Android | Not available

This free app is physician approved and gives you the option to quit cold turkey or to gradually decrease daily nicotine intake. It also helps you to keep track of the number of cigarettes you are smoking and gives achievement badges as you reach milestones.


Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

iPhone | Not available
Android | 4.5/5

Join over 17 million other people in the United States who are trying to quit smoking. This free app helps you manage cravings by playing games or connecting with others when you feel the urge to smoke. You also can win award badges to help mark your progress and to stay motivated.


Craving to Quit!

iPhone | 4.4/5
Android | 4.1/5

This 21-day smoking cessation program is based on a program developed at Yale University. This mindfulness approach to quitting features video and audio tracks, daily reminders and tools to help you successfully quit smoking. App is free but requires a monthly subscription.



iPhone | 4.6/5
Android | 4.3/5

This app allows you to create a profile and connect with others who are trying to quit smoking. It also informs you on how much money you are saving, the time since you last smoked, and the evolution of your health improvements per World Health Organization indicators.



iPhone | 4.6/5
Android | 4.1/5

This app is based around the concept of Gamification, a tool for motivation. Kwit is used for behavior change - helping people stick to their decision to quit smoking. Gamification makes things fun by adding game-elements to the process. Track your smoke-free stats like money saved, cigarettes not smoked, and days of progress. This app uses the power of personal achievements and social media to motivate people as they quit smoking.


SmokeFree: Quit Smoking Slowly

iPhone | Not available
Android | 4.4/5

Want to stop smoking in a flexible way? Choose from two modes on the app: quit or reduce. From there, you will see images and videos that promote quitting in a way that fits your lifestyle. Keep track of cravings and other stats so you can view your progress each time you open the app.


Quit Tracker

iPhone | Not available
Android | 4.6/5

The simple yet customizable interface of this app makes it easy to stay motivated as you kick the habit. It not only shows you all the money you are saving, but also the health benefits of quitting. Use the diary feature to keep tabs on how you’re doing. Look at the timeline graphic to see how much your health improves once you stop lighting up.