Nearly half of all employees say financial challenges cause them the most stress in their lives. It’s important to target stress at the source. Through the Financial Wellness Program, the Employee Assistance & Counseling Center provides personalized counseling and various resources designed to help employees cope with financial stressors. This program is here to empower you to take charge of your finances and financial wellbeing.

See the EACC's financial wellness services below for more information.

  • Counseling

    Financial Wellness Counseling

    Need financial guidance but not sure where to start? An individualized financial wellness counseling session will help you gain a better understanding of your financial situation, while teaching you the best options for managing your finances and paying off debt.

    The UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center offers free financial counseling services to help you develop a personal financial assessment and take control of your finances. To schedule a one-on-one appointment with an EACC counselor, call 205-934-2281. Virtual appointments available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 1-4 p.m.

  • Webinars

    Financial Webinars by Request

    The Financial Wellness Program offers personalized financial education webinars by request via Zoom. These financial webinars are perfect for staff councils, academic departments and affinity groups. Choose the financial topic that fits the needs of your group, from navigating UAB’s retirement plans to estate planning. With advance notice, we can develop a custom presentation. Submit a request online, and a member of the EACC Financial Wellness team will contact you within three business days to discuss your group’s programming needs.

    SmartPath Webinar Archives

    SmartPath webinars for UAB employees are engaging, practical and actionable and cover a variety of financial wellness topics. Archived sessions from the 2020 webinar series are available in the Campus Learning System with a Blazer ID and password.

  • UAB Financial Wellness Program

    UAB Financial Wellness Program

    The UAB Financial Wellness Program offers financial tools for early, mid and late career employees, as well as student loan assistance and additional financial wellness resources designed to help employees cope with financial stressors, build financial skills and feel confident about their future.

    Visit to explore the variety of financial wellness resources available to UAB employees.

  • Financial Tip of the Month

    Financial Tip of the Month

    What is Financial Success?

    Financial success means achieving the desired outcome of your money. Financial success varies per person. However, every person who thinks of financial success thinks of three things: security, comfort and a peace of mind. Follow the simple steps below to get on the track towards financial success.

    1. Establish financial goals. Identify SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound) financial objectives and evaluate them regularly.
    2. Track your spending. Do you currently have an accurate budget in place? A budget simplifies things. Budgeting provides a financial cushion. It is a big part of being financially successful.
    3. Monitor your debt. Be knowledgeable about your creditors, amounts owed, and interest rates. Make a plan to be debt free.
    4. Increase your knowledge about personal finances.
    5. Create multiple sources of income.

    Look for the Financial Tip of the Month in the UAB HR Monthly Newsletter.