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Manager Accountabilities

As a manager, you are expected to consistently and effectively apply the following skills, which are aligned with UAB’s values and leadership expectations:

  • Accountability: Hold your direct reports responsible to performance standards, goals, and behavioral expectations
  • Collaboration: Create an environment of trust and teamwork whereby individuals learn from one another and work together to achieve a common goal
  • Communication: Regularly give and receive feedback, and engage in three types of conversations: clarify expectations, strengths and opportunities for growth, and learning and career development
  • Engagement: Continually involve, inspire, and motivate direct reports to contribute to team, department, and institutional success
  • Listening and Assessing: Regularly apply emotional intelligence to effectively identify gaps and develop both your direct reports’ skills and your own

The above accountabilities are based on research from the Yale University School of Management and the Association for Talent Development.

The UAB Success Model

Watch the video above to better understand the UAB Success Model.


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In addition to the above accountabilities, managers are also expected to Manage Change Effectively and fulfill the UAB Leadership Expectations.