Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off for UAB employees includes earned paid leaves (sick time, vacation and personal holiday leave), and other PTOs for reasons such as jury duty, witness subpoena and bereavement.

  • Vacation

    Vacation benefits are provided for the rest and relaxation of regular nonexempt and exempt employees, and are necessary for effective work.


  • Holidays

    Paid holidays, including personal holidays, are also provided to eligible employees. For a current schedule of holidays that will be observed by the university, follow the UAB Designated Holidays link below.


  • Sick Time

    Sick time is provided as income protection when an employee must take time off for medical reasons. Sick time may also be used for anyone who resides in the employee's household, including a sponsored adult dependent or children of sponsored adult dependents.


  • Other PTO

    UAB provides payment for time away from work for the following reasons: bereavement, jury duty, to be a witness in court, military leave with pay, sabbatical leave and voting.


  • Comp Time (campus only)

    This policy defines overtime practices for non-exempt CAMPUS employees (Assignment Category 01 full-time regular status, Workforce Group A) using Campus Kronos, in order to be consistent with the guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


How do I track my paid time off?

Campus Monthly Paid Employees: eLAS is designed to provide the UAB community with a methodology for managing/tracking the benefit time accruals and usage for monthly paid employees. For more information:

Nonexempt Employees: The Campus Kronos Timekeeping System is utilized by UAB Campus nonexempt employees to track time worked on a daily basis and document paid non-worked hours (benefit time).