Procedure for Emergency Psychiatric Evaluation

UAB Standard Operating Procedure for Employee Referrals to the Emergency Department for Psychiatric Evaluation

PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for a standard operating procedure for referral of employees to the Emergency Department for psychiatric evaluation.

SCOPE: This policy applies to UAB staff that may be referred to UAB Hospital-Highlands Emergency Department (HED), Gardendale Freestanding Emergency Department (GFED) or the University Emergency Department (UED).

POLICY: Upon identification of a concern UAB employees may be referred from their department/unit/area to the Emergency Department (ED).

Immediate Supervisor shall:

  • During normal business hours, notify Talent Performance & Relations; after normal business hours, contact the Emergency Department Charge Nurse.
  • Notify next level supervisor and/or director.
  • Complete the Employee Referral for Psychiatric Evaluation Intake Form to deliver to the Emergency Department.
  • Escort the employee and deliver intake form to the Emergency Department, or ensure that an escort is available.

ED Nursing Staff responsible for:

  • Completing triage assessment on the patient and prioritizing for bed placement.
  • Implementing appropriate safety measures as per policy.

ED Provider shall:

  • Evaluate the patient for medical and psychiatric clearance. If unable to clear the patient, the provider will make the necessary consults.
  • If discharging, provide follow up instructions and return to work clearance documentation in discharge paperwork.

ED Charge Nurse shall:

Talent Performance & Relations Staff shall:

  • Engage with supervisor of the employee to provide guidance.
  • Provide follow up and consult on closure with the referring supervisor.

Important Contacts

  • Employee Relations: 205-934-4458
  • UED ANM/Shift Lead: 205-996-4201
  • HED ANM/Shift Lead: 205-996-3134
  • GFED ANM/Shift Lead: 205-996-1234

Report threatening behavior to BTAM

Any employee who notices concerning behavior or emotional changes in a colleague, student, or even themselves, can file an anonymous report with the Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Team (BTAM). Students and visitors to the academic and medical campuses also can file reports of suspicious behavior.

Imminent threats should be reported through 911 or by calling the UAB Police Department at 205-934-3535. Those include knowledge of a colleague’s or student’s possession of a weapon on UAB property, physical or attempted assault or explicit fears of harm.

For non-imminent threats to the safety and wellbeing of the UAB community, reports can be made to BTAM anonymously by completing an online form or contacting a BTAM member.