Employee job performance problems can be a challenge for many managers since all employees may exhibit such behaviors. However, when it comes to patterns of job performance problems over a period of time, managers should note and document.

Signs to Watch for...

  • Physical signs such as weariness, exhaustion, untidy appearance, slurred speech, sleepiness
  • Absenteeism including excessive sick leave, tardiness, frequent Monday/Friday absences
  • “On-the-Job” absenteeism such as being away from assignment, long breaks, illness on the job
  • High accident rate – Accidents on/off the job, disregards safety for others
  • Difficulty in concentration such as work taking greater effort or more time to complete jobs
  • Confusion such as difficulty recalling instructions or handling complex assignments
  • Reporting to work in an obviously abnormal or impaired condition
  • Generally lowered job efficiency such as missed deadlines, mistakes, waste, poor decisions
  • Poor employee relationships on the job such as overreaction to criticism, morale/mood swings
  • Mood such as anxious, depressed, irritable, suspicious, emotionally unsteady, withdrawn
  • Unusual behavior such as temper tantrums, physical violence, emotional outbursts

Remember that the supervisor is not to make a diagnosis based on the employee’s behavior. Simply state to the employee the specific observed deficiencies. Let the employee know about the need to improve the deficiencies and complete the EACC Supervisor Referral Form when appropriate.