Intimate partner violence in the workplace may occur. Victims may be dealing with a partner who follows them to work and displays stalking behavior. Although it is not the supervisor’s place to counsel employees about their personal relationships, providing a safe work environment is an employer’s responsibility.

An alert and supportive supervisor can make a difference. It is important to understand that an employee may not be ready to admit that they have been victimized by a partner or family member and may choose not to discuss the topic. Managers and supervisors should respect this decision but should give information about available resources. By recognizing the signs, consulting with your HR Consultant or UAB Medicine HR Partner, the Employee Assistance & Counseling Center, and assisting the employee with getting the right help at the right time, you can help the employee and reduce any risk to the workplace. See the EACC Supervisor Referral Form.

Workplace-Related Incidents

Workplace-related incidents of domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking include acts, attempted acts, or threatened acts by or against employees, the families of employees, and/or their property, that imperil the safety or wellbeing of any person associated with an employee of UAB, regardless of whether the act occurred in or outside the organization’s physical workplace. An employee is considered to be in the workplace while in, or utilizing the resources of the employer, including but not limited to facilities, work sites, equipment, or vehicles, or while on work-related travel.