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Alabama Senate Bill 146 prohibits employees of the state of Alabama from appointing or entering a personal service contract with any person related to him/her within the fourth degree of marriage or blood relation to any job or position of profit with the state or any of its agencies. No employee shall be the immediate supervisor for or in the chain of command (i.e. participate in work-related decisions in regards to hiring, evaluation, reassignment, promotion or discipline) of an immediate family member within the fourth degree of marriage or blood relation. Please see SB146 Family Member Chart for more information. Violations may have significant consequences both within UAB and at the state level.

Exceptions to HR Policy 123: Nepotism may only be granted if a position can be structured to ensure no prohibited working relationship exists among family members. Exceptions must be requested in writing to UAB's Chief Human Resources Officer using the Nepotism Management Plan Request Form below.

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