The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a powerhouse for academic, clinical and research innovation throughout the Birmingham region, statewide, nationally and throughout the globe.

With an enrollment of more than 19,500 students in 2016 (rising to 22,080 students in fall 2019), employment of more than 26,000 full-time and part-time individuals, and more than 120,000 active alumni worldwide, the impacts of UAB can be felt by many throughout the world. As the largest single employer in the state of Alabama, UAB generates significant impacts for its employees and the state in terms of economic, employment and government revenue impacts on a daily basis. UAB, the UAB Health System and Southern Research drive a significant amount of the Alabama economy every year.

UAB's economic impact was measured as part of a report prepared by economic development consulting firm TrippUmbach in 2016, following a previous study in 2009. A summary of that report, along with the full report publication, is included on this site.


UAB economic impacts to the state -  - infographic

  • UAB generates $7.15 billion in economic impact annually within the state of Alabama.
  • UAB supports 64,292 jobs throughout the state of Alabama.
  • One in every 31 jobs within the state of Alabama either is held directly by a UAB employee or is supported as a result of UAB’s presence.
  • State and local government revenue attributable to the presence of UAB totaled $268.6 million in FY16.
  • For every $1 in state funding received by the institution, UAB generates $25 in economic impact that is returned back to the state.
  • UAB faculty, staff and students generate more than $80.5 million in community impact through donations and volunteer time to local nonprofits. In addition, the UAB Health System supports more than $144 million in charity care to underserved populations in Birmingham and across the state.


Combined economic impacts of UAB, UAB Health System and Southern Research  - infographic