Employment impact of UAB on the state  - infographic

In FY16, UAB directly supported 36,393 jobs (full-time and part-time) throughout the state of Alabama. UAB is the largest single employer in the state of Alabama. In addition to the jobs directly supported by UAB, thousands of additional jobs are indirectly supported as a result of spending by UAB, its employees, visitors and patients. Indirect and induced employment is generated when an organization spends in the economy, when those directly employed by an organization spend their earnings in the economy, and when visitors to the organization spend in the economy.

UAB supports thousands of jobs statewide in virtually every sector of the Alabama economy, including construction, business and professional services, restaurants and hotels, information technology, security, and temporary employment companies.

In FY16, UAB supported 64,292 jobs in the state of Alabama. These jobs (both full-time and part-time) include not only direct employment by UAB (36,393 jobs), but also indirect and induced jobs (27,899 jobs) that are supported as a result of UAB, employee, student and visitor spending. One in every 31 jobs within the state of Alabama either is held directly by a UAB employee or is supported as a result of UAB’s presence.