Photo of UAB fans at Bartow ArenaUAB pride is strong in Birmingham and throughout the state, and this can be seen through its active athletics programs. Supporting 18 Division I sports teams, UAB attracts students and visitors to Birmingham for athletic events. In FY16 alone, approximately 132,000 tickets were sold to UAB Athletics events. With all of this excitement surrounding the athletics programs, UAB is currently in the building phase for new practice facilities and sporting arenas for its teams.

Every year, UAB Athletics events attract visitors to the area who spend on goods and services (athletic merchandise, hotels, restaurants, etc.). The economic impacts associated with these visitors, along with the direct spending of the UAB Athletics Department, generate significant impacts for the Birmingham region and the state.


Direct spending by UAB Athletics generates economic activity throughout the state. In FY16, the direct spending of UAB Athletics in combination with the indirect and induced impacts of dollars’ being re-spent throughout the economy, generated $35.7 million in overall economic impact to the state of Alabama ($16.7 million in direct impact and $19.0 million in indirect and induced impact).


In FY16, UAB Athletics directly employed 231 individuals (full-time or part-time positions). This direct employment generates additional spending throughout the region and state that in turn supports additional indirect and induced jobs created when UAB Athletics, its employees and visitors spend in the region and state. In total, UAB Athletics supports 404 jobs throughout the state of Alabama.


State and local government revenues attributable to the presence of UAB Athletics totaled approximately $1.5 million in FY16.