Annual salary impacts of UAB graduates on the state  - infographicThe University of Alabama at Birmingham is a world-renowned institution that contributes a significant amount to the advancement of society. Graduates from UAB work in numerous countries around the world, which allows the university’s reach to be felt on a global scale. UAB alumni play a major role in both the domestic and international economies. By educating the next generation of highly educated, global citizens, UAB is shaping a skilled workforce that will transform and lead an emerging global economy.


On average, UAB confers approximately 4,500 degrees each year for undergraduate and graduate students, which positions UAB to provide quality education to the next generation of leaders. By educating students, UAB adds to the talent pool of human capital throughout the world. A degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham increases a graduate’s value, productivity and earning potential in the job market.

Based on data on median annual earnings for university graduates, a bachelor’s degree earned at a university increases a graduate’s salary compared with a high school diploma by an average of about $21,100 a year (from $35,400 to $56,500), while a master’s degree earned at a university increases a graduate’s salary compared to a bachelor’s degree by an average of about $13,500 a year (from $56,500 to $70,000 for master’s, and $91,000 for doctoral).

In academic year 2015-2016, UAB awarded 2,295 undergraduate degrees. Historically, 65 percent of UAB graduates remain in the state to work after completing their degree. For the undergraduate class of 2016, the increased earning power in their first year of employment equates to the creation of $31.5 million in salary. A similar analysis applied to the 2,267 advanced (master’s certificate, doctoral, and post-doctoral) degrees awarded in academic year 2015-2016, equates to another $22.7 million of value created for their first year of employment.

Therefore, on an annual basis, UAB creates $54.2 million of additional earning power for members of each graduating class. This impact is in addition to the impact of the university’s operations.


Salary comparison by degree type  - infographicThe contributions of UAB graduates are critically important to the economic vitality of the state of Alabama, across the United States and internationally. UAB alumni number more than 120,000 and reside in all 50 states as well as many countries throughout the world. Given that 65 percent of the alumni of UAB stay in Alabama after graduating, this equates to approximately 75,000 alumni living, working and generating impact within the state of Alabama.

Over a lifetime of employment (40 years), UAB undergraduate alumni who remain in the state of Alabama generate $27.0 billion that would otherwise have been unachieved had these students not pursued an undergraduate degree. Likewise, over a lifetime of employment, UAB graduate alumni who remain in the state of Alabama generate $19.4 billion, which would otherwise not have been achieved had these students not pursued a graduate degree. In total, all UAB alumni currently living in the state of Alabama generate an increased earning power of $46.4 billion over 40 years. By teaching and retaining students within the state of Alabama who utilize their education, graduates of UAB are generating impacts every day.