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Human cell-based drug discovery assets.

Alveolus Bio

Pioneering biotherapeutic delivery for the prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease.

AI Metrics, LLC

A platform that leverages artificial intelligence and guided workflows to assist radiologists with image analysis.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Designs and develops small molecule medicines for rare diseases.

Endomimetics, LLC

Developing natural bionanomatrix coating technologies to mimic human tissue on devices implanted into the human body.

Guideway Care, Inc.

Serves patients and providers with a proven, technology-enabled care guidance program that integrates with a hospital's current care team.

HemEdits, LLC

Develops and commercializes novel, patentable gene editing methods for correction of inherited and acquired blood disorders.


Brings together stakeholders to solve problems in a collaborative team environment with a world-wide database of clinical problems and solutions.

Humboldt Innovations, LLC

Develops and sells EPA-approved products for mosquito abatement.

IN8bio, Inc. (formerly Incysus Ltd.)

Uses genetically-modified gamma-delta T-cells to address the challenges with cold, low-mutation cancers.

Interaction Advisory Group, LLC

Provides customized disabilities awareness and training for first responders, public service officials, educators and private sector workers.

Kirklin Solutions, LLC

Specializes in streamlining medical data capture and realizing its true potential by delivering data-driven analytics that can be used directly at the point of care.

NovAb, Inc.

Commercializes a new class of antibodies that enable new targets and functions.

Open Sky Health, LLC

Offers a suite of applications making it easier and quicker for care providers to access patient health records.

RedIon LLC

Specializes in automation software for healthcare professionals and data scientists, focusing on radiation oncology and radiology.

Reliant Glycosciences LLC

Biotechnology company that focuses on developing diagnostic and prognostic tools for patients with IgA nephropathy.

ResBiotic Nutrition Inc.

Pioneering microbiome-based products for respiratory health.

SunFire Biotechnologies LLC

A clinical research organization for pneumococcal vaccine development support.


Developer of oral therapeutics treatment intended to treat Type 1 and 2 Diabetes and NAFLD.

TPM Research, Inc

Provides services to transform the way healthcare providers transport and care for patients.

Trialtus Bioscience, LLC

Develops innovative tools for the production and purification of genetically-engineered proteins.

Tricorder Array Technologies, LLC

Offers an inexpensive device that can detect mouse pups, monitor light-temperature-humidity at the cage level and collect census.

Truspin Nanomaterial Innovation, LLC

First company in the world to utilize A/C electrospinning process to commercially manufactor nanofibers.

Vista Engineering

Serving clients in express witness product liability investigations and industrial materials analysis.

Yuva Bisciences Inc.

Developer of cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products designed to target aging-related hair loss, wrinkled skin, and reduced energy.

Zorro-Flow, Inc

Developer of neonatal external urine-collection devices.

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