If disclosing an invention seems a little confusing, let us help clear things up.

First, check out the commercialization workflow to see what happens when you come up with an invention. Then take a look at our quick Q&A to find out what you really need to know about disclosures.

Commercialization Workflow



3DisclosureVia HIIE online portal

4Assignment to Licensing Associate

5Commercialization AnalysisFellows Report

6Decision on IP ProtectionPrior to any publication

7Technology ManagementDevelopment discussions, protection strategies, industry connections

8Marketing or Start-up Formation

9LicenseFrom negotiation to license

10RevenuePer distribution policy

What you really need to know

  • Why disclose intellectual property (IP)?It’s the right thing to do, plus you signed a contract saying you would.

    Disclosure is a key action that starts our commercialization process, which allows our team of experts to assess the invention's commercial potential, provide feedback on market trends, and make a determination of Intellectual Property (IP) protection. This process provides the best opportunity to bring an invention to market and drive lasting societal and university-wide impact. Ideas disclosed to our office today can soon help fund future research in your department.

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  • Who should disclose IP?Everyone who is part of UAB’s community.

    UAB policies require all faculty members, employees, and students to disclose any invention developed during employment or enrollment. Furthermore, federal and industry grants often require IP disclosure as a term of the award. If you believe you have created IP, contact our office before any public disclosure.

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  • How do I know I have IP?We won’t know the answer to this until we talk to you.

    Inventions may include research tools, drugs and therapeutics, devices, curated patient samples, software, know-how, protocols or methods for teaching, trade secrets, art, music, literary works, etc. Anything with potential commercial or community value should be disclosed to our office.

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  • When should I disclose?As soon as possible.

    UAB faculty, staff and students are encouraged to discuss scientific discoveries and potential inventions with our office as early as practical. If you think you have an invention, promptly disclose it to HIIE before submitting a manuscript for publication and/or before addressing a meeting, conference, seminar or symposium. Any public disclosure of an invention (including publication, presentation, abstract or conversation) can limit our ability to file a patent application.

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  • How do I disclose IP?Finally, an easy question.

    You can disclose your intellectual property right now by clicking the "Ready? Disclose now!" button below. If you're not yet ready to disclose but would like to discuss your invention with us, you may do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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