Innovation Life Cycle infographic.

UAB faculty, employees and students are encouraged to discuss scientific discoveries and possible inventions with our office as early as practical. Together we can explore important issues concerning commercial potential and timing of public disclosures.

If you think you have an invention, promptly disclose it to the HIIE—before submitting a manuscript for publication, and before addressing a meeting, conference, seminar or symposium. Any public disclosure of an invention (whether a publication, presentation, abstract, or conversation) can limit our ability to file a patent application.

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Disclosing Intellectual Property

Submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure (IPD) to our office, by completing an IPD Form.

Important reminder: The submission of an IPD does not constitute the filing of a patent application or any protective right with federal authorities. It merely creates a record with the HIIE (and UAB) that an inventor may have a discovery worth documenting and triaging for such protection.

If you experience difficulty with the forms or have questions, please notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..