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Self-Service Collaboration


Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution that is integrated with Office 365. Teams provides live and historical chat making real-time collaboration easier for departments, support groups, projects, etc. In addition to chat, an Office 365 mailbox and SharePoint Online site are also created per team for messaging and file storage. Benefits include:

  • Collaborate quickly
  • Access team or specific project files in one place
  • Consistent project and collaboration experience
  • Integrate with other services like:
    • Office 365, Planner, OneNote, etc.
    • File Storage (Box and OneDrive)
    • Third party apps like Asana, ServiceNow, etc.
  • Included with Office 365
  • Secure

Teams FAQs

Which type of Teams should I choose when creating a new Team?

That depends on the purpose of the Team. The different team types have different features. More information can be found here.

Should my Team be private or public?

UAB IT recommends that all Teams be created as private. The default setting is private.

What is the difference between Public and Private Teams?

Private Teams allow only approved members to see the Team and its contents. Public Teams allow all users to see the Team and its contents.

Who can add members to a Team?

Team owners can add members as well as making existing members owners.

Who can invite others to join a Team?

Team owners.

Is there a desktop client for Microsoft Teams?

Yes. Both Windows and Mac clients can be found here.

Is there a mobile client for Microsoft Teams?

Yes. The currently supported mobile platforms are: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 10.0 or later, Windows 10 Mobile.

What browsers are supported for Microsoft Teams?

Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome (latest, plus two previous versions) and Firefox (latest, plus two previous versions).

Can I add external users or guest as members of a Team?

No. Guest and external access is not enabled.

Can I create new channels for chat conversations?

Yes. In addition to the General channel that is created by default, Team owners can create additional channels as needed.

Can users who are not members of a Team be added to a Team channel?

No. If a wider audience is needed for a particular channel but not the original Team, a new Team should be created.

Can Team members leave the Team on their own?

Yes. Members can leave at any time.

Can users who are not a member of my team find or view our chat?

No. Chat history is stored in the team SharePoint library and permissions are set automatically to match that of the team.

Can other users view my private chats?

No. Private chat history is stored in each user’s OneDrive.

What is T-Bot?

T-Bot is a built-in tool provided by Microsoft to help answer questions related to Microsoft Teams.

Do I need a Team or a Group?

The key difference between Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams is how you communicate. Office 365 Groups rely on your email box for conversations. Group messages are sent and received through Outlook or Outlook on the web. The email threads are displayed as conversations. Microsoft Teams is a chat-driven application. Chat conversations are live and persistent. Messages in Teams are saved over time, allowing existing and/or newly added members to view the chat history.

Can I convert an Office 365 Group to a Team?

Yes. If a Team is created using an existing Office 365 Group, the previous email conversations will only be available in Outlook or Outlook on the web. Some of the features of Office 365 Groups will have to be manually added to your Team. If you’re currently using Planner with your Office 365 Group, it will not automatically show up in Teams. You’ll have to add a tab for Planner and use an existing plan. Teams do not display the existing Groups’ OneNote content, nor do Teams show existing file storage for a Group unless you add a SharePoint tab, connecting the tab to the existing Group SharePoint page.

Can I use Zoom with Teams?

Yes. You must first have a UA system Zoom account created then Go to the Store in Teams and enter Zoom in the search box. Follow the promtps to log into your Zoom account and link your Zoom and Teams accounts.

Can I integrate Zoom with my Team?

No. While you can do it on an individual basis you cannot integrate Zoom within a Team