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UAB IT has streamlined the process for requesting research technology, adding a “fast pass” option for items that already have widespread higher education clearance. UAB IT also partnered with the UAB Health System to share security review responsibilities. 

“Our process is intended to help you find the best resources for your needs, reduce duplication and maintain security,” said Jaime Hudson, director of IT Governance and Portfolio Management. “Because all research data is classified as at least Sensitive data and often includes HIPAA data, security is critical.”

“Information security is critical in protecting the confidentiality and integrity of research data, which may include HIPAA-protected information or other data from human subjects that is classified as sensitive or restricted,” said Jonathan Miller, assistant vice president for research regulatory oversight. “These new processes will streamline the review of technology solutions to efficiently provide the tools researchers need while ensuring appropriate information security protections are in place." 

In fact, the first step researchers need to do when choosing a tool is know the classification of their data, and review the research marketplace and IT Service Catalog for existing solutions. 

If researchers cannot find a tool to fill their needs among existing options, they can request a tool review in the IT Service Portal

Once the request is submitted, UAB IT will review to determine, for example, if IT support is needed or if University of Alabama Board of Trustees approval is required.  

In step three, a security review is conducted. Previously, UAB Health System Information Services (HSIS) reviewed any tool that accessed or used HIPAA data. Now, HSIS will review tools for its covered entities, while UAB IT will review for campus covered entities. The shared responsibility is expected to streamline the process while continuing to maintain security. 

How do you get a fast pass? If your selected tool already has a review on file and is approved for that use case, you will get approval.  

At the end of the process, you will get summary results and recommendations to help you decide your next step.