Shutterstock Image Retrieval Instructions

Please use the following steps and form to request Shutterstock images.


 Step 1: Search for Image(s)

  • Go to

  • Use the search bar to look for relevant images.

  • You can narrow your search by choosing the file type in the drop down button next to the search field.

  • The results are sorted into several categories: New, Popular, Relevant, and Undiscovered.

  • You will also find “related” search phrases at the top of the results that can help you find additional images.


 Step 2: Select Image(s)

  • Once you have found the image(s) you would like to have, click on the image in the search results.

  • This will bring up a black field beneath the image with image details.

  • Find the “Image ID” in the top right section of the image description.

  • Copy the number next to “Image ID.”


 Step 3: Request Image(s)



Step 1: Search for Image(s)