USGA Senate


Be the Student Voice of SHP

The USGA Senate consists of students representing the seven undergraduate schools of UAB. The School of Health Professions currently holds two seats in the Senate. 

We need students like YOU to be the voice to inspire, unite, and lead other Blazers on campus. As an active leader in the USGA Senate, you will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and administration to develop long-lasting changes across UAB. Whether you have a desire to expand your team-building skills, enhance your resume, foster strong relationships with other notable leaders, or increase awareness on a topic you are passionate about; the USGA Senate is the place to start. 

Why Run?

  • Develop valuable leadership and team building skills.

  • Meet notable leaders on campus.

  • Create long-lasting, diverse relationships with other Blazers.

  • Serve your community as a peer advocate.


Application Deadline 

Students must apply by February 2, 2022. Contact Eleanor Lee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Attend one of the following information sessions:

  • Friday, January 28 at Noon 
  • Tuesday, February 1 at Noon 

Zoom ID: 895 4364 7802

Meet Your Current Senators

Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen '22, Biomedical Sciences
Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes '22, Biomedical Sciences
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Spencer Hughes
  • Kelly Nguyen

    Why did you join the UAB Student Senate?

    I believed that this position could help me further develop leadership skills, increase my awareness of UAB's campus community, and help me to promote the changes I would like to implement on campus. Additionally, I knew that it was a place for me to be able to represent my school amongst university administration.

    What is your platform?

    I chose to work towards re-designing the programs we have at UAB to better support traditional students and non-traditional students due to my personal experiences or connections with our community. One of the most important leadership roles that I had was being a resident's assistant (RA) here on campus. As an RA, I was involved in the multi-dimensional aspects of undergraduate life on campus. Although my residents were all traditional students, I had to become well verse in the resources, programs, and opportunities available for all students on campus. Additionally, as I advanced in my courses, I met many more non-traditional students that helped catalyze my passion for wanting to make these changes to the programs we had. I did join USGA later in my academic career and did not feel like I could efficiently spend my time wanting to create these new-extravagant programs or initiatives. Instead, I wanted to work on what we already have, but make it much more accessible and adaptable for all students.

    How has your time as a senator influenced your experience at UAB?

    It has led me to multiple opportunities that allow me to network with those around me on campus and to connect with other undergraduates who share my similar goals and interests. It has also helped me create a formal relationship or connection tie to my university. There's something about seeing the changes that you have helped implement or similarly, seeing the mark you have left behind that is instantly gratifying. I hope that the next set of senators are successful with their positions and will share my appreciation of this organization.

    What are you plans after graduation?

    I plan to continue in my role as a clinical researcher studying nutrition in neonates. This is my game plan for my gap year as I work towards applying to medical school. I hope one day to become a pediatrics physician.
  • Spencer Hughes

    Why did you join the UAB Student Senate?

    At the Junior College that I previously attended, I played sports, so I was used to the custom of representing something bigger than myself. As a transfer student coming to UAB, I wanted to do the same thing but not in the sports realm. One day while on the campus green, I saw a sign stating that the last day to apply to run for USGA Senate was right around the corner. I went home that afternoon to do some research and see exactly what it was that I would be representing if I was fortunate enough to get elected as a Senator for the School of Health Professions. It was coming across the USGA Mission Statement that led to the final decision of running for a spot in senate.

    What is your platform?

    In one of our first meetings as senators with Dean Butler in the spring of 2020, he mentioned the idea of a wheelchair basketball team at UAB in passing. When he said that, my ears perked up. I started to do my own reading on what exactly a wheelchair basketball team at a university would look like. From that point on I conducted research into how exactly bring this idea to fruition at UAB by talking to several school around the country including the University of Alabama, Auburn University, the University of Florida, and the University of Illinois Chicago. After getting an idea on how to fund a club like this and a picture of what it would like at UAB, I went back to Dr. Butler and we set up a meeting with the former President of the Lakeshore Foundation, Jeff Underwood, as well as head of research, Dr. James Rimmer. I was then able to make a few trips to the Lakeshore Foundation to see what wheelchair basketball was all about and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was absolutely amazed at what I was seeing and started to appreciate it more than “normal” basketball. So, to answer the original question as to why I am passionate about wheelchair basketball, I came to the realization through experience that wheelchair basketball and wheelchair sports for that matter, do not get the respect or attention they deserve. The things these athletes can do in a chair is quite remarkable in comparison with all the other sports that so many people love. I think that all people should have the opportunity to get in a chair and try to play a sport or just wheel around doing daily activities for that matter, so that they can have a different level of appreciation for people that live in wheelchairs and wheelchair athletes.

    Why do you encourage students to run for Senate?

    I encourage other students to run when they really want to make a lasting impact at UAB. As a senator, you are apart of writing and installing new legislation at UAB and you are quite literally the voice of the school that you represent. All concerns, good or bad, get directed to you and you have the chance to make something happen. You also have the opportunity to start something new and represent something bigger than yourself.

    What are you plans after graduation?

    After I graduate in the Spring of 2022, I plan to take a gap year before attending medical school. As for what exactly I am going to do during that time, I’m not exactly sure. If I stay in Birmingham, then I will continue my job at UAB Hospital as a patient care tech. However, I want to use this gap year to continue to gain experience in the clinical realm, but I also want to travel. I have been looking into the idea of working in the hospital setting somewhere out west. I’ve really started to investigate opportunities in Montana and Colorado as well as Alaska.
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Spencer Hughes