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Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at the 1917 Clinic?

We hosted a live Virtual Information Session at the end of October 2020 where you can hear from the volunteer coordinators and get your questions answered. This session was recorded and available for you to watch below!


Want to learn more?

As we move into the new building (December 15th was opening, y'all!), we'll be introducing some new volunteer activities and making changes to our established opportunities. The main change is that our outreach capabilities are limited while we continue to address the Coronavirus Pandemic. For example, SHAPE, HIV Testing, and other Outreach events will hopefully return, but are unlikely to do so soon. You can read about these opportunities, and those that we'll mainly be recruiting for currently, from the links in the left side-bar (or the menu button if you're on a mobile phone).  Happy Browsing!

The Volunteer Application Process

Changes, changes, changes. Yes, we know, change is hard! Hopefully the following description of our new volunteer application process will help!


  1. Check out our website! We think it's helpful to learn more about what you're potentially getting yourself into and really evaluate if there would be good opportunities for you!  
  2. View the Virtual Info Session! The video recording is above. 
  3. Complete a Volunteer Application! See that link on the left, click it! Having trouble finding it? Let's make it easy for you. Volunteer Application.
  4. Submitted applications will be reviewed and select applicants will be invited to a video or phone interview with the member of the Volunteer Coordination Team.
  5. If selected, a member of the Team will reach out to you to complete any necessary paperwork, including consent for a background check (having something ping on your background check will not automatically disqualify you, we just may need to chat with you a bit more).
  6. Attend and complete trainings for your assigned role(s)! We want you to be successful in your position(s)!
  7. Start Volunteering!

Got Questions?

Just ask! Feel free to reach out! Shirley Selvage (sselvage@uabmc.edu) will be your best contact for in-clinic opportunities, and Kachina Kudroff (kachinakudroff@uabmc.edu) will be your best contact for outreach opportunities. But whoever you reach out to, we'll all work together to make sure you get the best answers for you!