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The Volunteer Application Process

Please review the Volunteer Application Process below.

  1. Check out our website! We think it's helpful to learn more about what you're potentially getting yourself into and really evaluate if there would be good opportunities for you!  
  2. Complete a Volunteer Application! See that link on the left, click it! Having trouble finding it? Let's make it easy for you. Volunteer Application.
  3. Submit your application to Devin Cade at dsgray@uabmc.edu 
  4. Submitted applications will be reviewed and select applicants will be invited to an interview with Devin.
  5. If selected, Devin will reach out to you to complete any necessary paperwork, including consent for a background check (having something ping on your background check will not automatically disqualify you, we just may need to chat with you a bit more).
  6. Attend and complete trainings for your assigned role(s)! We want you to be successful in your position(s)!
  7. Start Volunteering!

Got Questions?

Just ask! Feel free to reach out! Devin Cade (dsgray@uabmc.edu) coordinates our volunteer efforts.