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In-Clinic Volunteers serve in a specific area within the clinic (waiting room, front entrance, patient resource center, volunteer office, etc) to assist staff with a variety of projects and tasks.  In-Clinic Volunteers typically offer 4 hours of time, once per week between 8am and 5pm. For example, a volunteer in the Clinic Host role may serve every Wednesday afternoon from 1PM to 5PM. 

Please apply using the Volunteer Application and indicate on your application where you would like to serve.  Your openness to serve in as many areas as possible will make you more eligible; however, do not mark options that do not appeal to you.

In-Clinic Volunteer options change as volunteers rotate or new projects are identified in the clinic.

Some options include:

  • Clinic Host - volunteers in this role will welcome clients in the waiting room, help new clients with computerized questions, and visit with clients and their guests (family members, partners, supportive friends, etc.).
  • Resource Center Host - volunteers in this role will be responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and educational environment for clinic clients to learn new skills and complete projects.
  • Birthday Callers - volunteers in this role call patients to acknowledge their birthday on behalf of 1917 Clinic. We celebrate Birthdays!!

We appreciate all of you! Be well!

Devin Cade, Program Manager, dsgray@uabmc.edu