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It is very important that all HIV-infected women receive regular gynecologic evaluations. The 1917 Clinic in collaboration with The Kirklin Clinic offers a full range of gynecological services to female patients along and in conjunction with the treatment of HIV disease

If you are a woman and are receiving regular gynecologic care from another physician, that should be fine. However, if you are not receiving gynecologic care somewhere else, the 1917 Clinic can provide this service for you.

These visits will include pelvic examination, PAP smear and collection of cultures for genital tract infections. In addition, a breast exam will be performed.

The 1917 Clinic encourages patients to perform a monthly self breast exam. The Women's Clinic nurse practitioner will teach you how to do this. Referral for mammograms can be made.

The 1917 Clinic is very interested in determining what differences there are in genital tract conditions between HIV-infected and non-infected women. The Clinic also has an interest in learning what differences there are in the course of HIV infection between women and men. By studying these differences, we hope to be able to better understand and treat HIV/AIDS.