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Pain Medicine

  • Brooks, Brandon, M.D., MSHA

    Brooks headshotAssociate Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain Medicine

  • Lawson, Prentiss, M.D.

    Lawson PAssociate Professor 
    Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship

  • McKeown, Jason, M.D., FASA

    Jason McKeown Associate Professor 

    Research Interests
    Treatment of Acute Pain, Regional Anesthesia, Treatment of Pain in Palliative and Geriatric Patient Population

  • Nagi, Peter, M.D.

    nagiAssociate Professor
    Director of the Division of Pain Medicine

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain Medicine


  • Ness, Timothy, M.D., Ph.D.

    Tim NessProfessor Emeritus 

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain Medicine, Pain Research

  • Paul, Christopher, M.D.

    Paul headshot
    Assistant Professor

    Clinical and Research Interests

    Neuromodulation in the setting of chronic pain, new and expanding indications for spinal cord stimulation
  • Sellers, Alethia Baldwin, M.D.

    Alethia-SellersAssociate Professor
    Career Advisor, Medical Students Interested in Anesthesiology

  • Short, Roland, M.D.

    Short-RolandAssociate Professor
    Medical Director, Inpatient Pain Service

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Acute and Perioperative Pain Management, Trauma Anesthesia

  • Weisberg, James N., Ph.D.

    Weisberg-JamesAssociate Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain, Psychology, Personality and Pain, Coping with Chronic Pain


  • Wesselmann, Ursula I., M.D., Ph.D., D.T.M.&H. (Lond.)

    William A. Lell, M.D–Paul N. Samuelson, M.D. Endowed Professorship in Anesthesiology

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain Medicine, Neurology, Pain Research, Women's Health Research, Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women, Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis Pain Syndrome, Breast Cancer, Racial Health Disparities

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