• Northern, Theresa, D.O., MPH

    Northern TheresaAssistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Global health and regional anesthesia 

  • Paiste, Juhan, M.D., M.B.A., C.P.E.

    Executive Vice Chair for Operations and Integration

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Cardiac Anesthesia

  • Parks, Dale, Ph.D.

    Dale ParksProfessor
    Director of Information Technologies, Anesthesiology

    Clinical and Research Interests
    Cardiovascular Disease, Hepatoenteric Ischemia-reperfusion, Multiple Organ Dysfunction

  • Phillips, Mark, M.D., FASA

    PhillipsAssociate Professor
    Medical Director, GI Endoscopy Anesthesia
    Associate Editor, A&A Practice 

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Non-Operating Room Anesthesia, Anesthesia for GI Endoscopy 

  • Piennette, Paul, M.D.

    Paul Piennette Assistant Professor 
    Director of Medical Student Rotation 

    Research and Clinical Interests 
    Regional Anesthesia, Acute Pain Medicine, Regional Anesthesia Education, Medical Education 

  • Pierce, Albert, M.D.

    Burt PierceProfessor
    Executive Medical Director for Anesthesia Services-University Hospital
    Vice Chair and Division Director-Multispecialty Anesthesia
    Medical Director of Perioperative Specialty Labs
    Head of Trauma and Acute Care Anesthesia
    Program Director, Trauma and Acute Care Fellowship

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Resuscitation of trauma patients and associated coagulopathy

  • Pittet, Jean-Francois, M.D.

    David Hill Chestnut Endowed Professor
    Director, Organ Injury and Trauma Research
    Editor-in-Chief, Anesthesia & Analgesia

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Critical Care Medicine, Perioperative Medicine


  • Powell, Mark, M.D.

    PowellAssociate Professor
    Medical Director, Section of Obstetric Anesthesia
    Program Director, Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Obstetric Anesthesia

  • Rafield, Grace, M.D.

    Flowers Grace smcrAssistant Professor 
    Director, Anesthesiology Simulation Program

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Multispecialty anesthesia


  • Restrepo Cardenas, Juan C., M.D.

    Juan Restrepo Cardenas Assistant Professor 


  • Richardson, Brittney, M.D.

    Brittney RichardsonAssistant Professor 

    Transplant medicine, resident mentorship and clinical education, and quality and patient safety

  • Riesenberg, Lee Ann, Ph.D., R.N., C.M.Q.

    Associate Director Education

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Transitions of Care, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Systematic Reviews of the Literature, Medical Education Research 


  • Routman, Justin, M.D.

    RoutmanAssistant Professor

    Clinical Interests
    Human Factors, Efficiency and Logistics, Anesthesia Equipment, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, Non-Operating Room Anesthesia 

  • Sadler, Jonathan, M.D.

    Sadler-JonathanAssistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Community Anesthesia

  • Sakawi, Yasser, M.D., C.M.Q.


    Research and Clinical Interests
    Obstetric Anesthesiology

  • Samford, Craig, M.D.

    Samford-CraigAssistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Regional Anesthesia; point-of-care ultrasound

  • Schreiner, Nicole, D.O.

    Nicole Schreiner Assistant Professor 

    Resident and fellow critical care teaching, chronobiology and circadian rhythm normalization in the ICU setting

  • Seay, Theresa, M.D.

    Theresa TheresaAssistant Professor 


  • Sellers, Alethia Baldwin, M.D.

    Alethia-SellersAssociate Professor
    Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship Program
    Faculty Advisor, Student Interest Group in Anesthesia (SIGA)

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Pain Medicine, General Clinical Anesthesia

  • Sherrer, Matthew, M.D., MBA, FASA

    Sherrer MattAssistant Professor

    Clinical Interests
    Perioperative Medicine and Value in Health Care