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Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, Bone and Autoimmunity Center

  • Bayles selected as American Chemical Society’s undergraduate liaison at 2024 Leadership Institute
    Bayles attended the 2024 ACS Leadership Institute, where he was chosen as the 2024 undergraduate student liaison, one of the only undergraduate student positions within the national organization.
  • Three research projects awarded funding from the Immunology Institute Pilot Project program
    The program seeks to support and foster multidisciplinary collaborations, especially between UAB clinicians and basic and physician scientists.
  • Renowned immunologist and four-decade UAB researcher Max Cooper, M.D., will deliver this year’s Marx Lecture
    Cooper recently won the Albert Lasker Award, known as “America’s Nobel Prize,” given to the living person considered to have made the greatest contribution to medical science.
  • Fran Lund, Ph.D., named an AAI Distinguished Fellow
    Lund is the fifth Distinguished Fellow from UAB named since 2019, a sign of the strength of immunology research at UAB.
  • Research volunteers needed
    A small blood donation can help UAB researchers and doctors learn how better to use immunology to treat disease.
  • Rheumatologists launch free phone-based app for patients with lupus
    The MyLupus app is a patient-friendly, patient-focused decision-aid tool for people from all backgrounds with moderate to severe lupus.
  • Type 1 diabetes: B cell-derived natural antibodies suppress autoimmune pathogenesis
    Vaccination of neonatal mice with group A Streptococcus promotes clonal expansion of B cells that produce antibody against GlcNAc. The association of reduced Type 1 diabetes risk after group A Streptococcus infection is dependent on these GlcNAc-specific B cells.
  • 2024 Mr. and Ms. UAB are John Goodman and Natalie Vital
    Started in 1981, the Mr. and Ms. UAB Scholarship Competition is one of UAB’s longest-standing Homecoming traditions presented by the UAB National Alumni Society.
  • Flu: Interferon-gamma from T follicular helper cells is required to create lung-resident memory B cells
    Lung-resident memory B cells produced during influenza are long-living immune cells that migrate to the lungs from draining lymph nodes and lie in wait as early responders that can quickly react to future infections. They are key sentinels against subsequent viral variants.
  • Osteoporosis: UAB-led study approved for a $13.9 million award to investigate prevention of bone fractures
    The study, funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, will compare two pathways of post-fracture patient care.
  • UAB researcher receives funding to study link between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease
    Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults and may be a risk factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • A fate determination fork-in-the-road for germinal center Tfh and T memory cells
    Some PD-1+CXCR5+CD4+ T cells will become germinal center-Tfh cells that are essential for B cells to become high-affinity antibody-producing cells. Others do not take that path, instead becoming memory T cells.
  • $6.9 million awarded to UAB to continue knee osteoarthritis research
    $46 million awarded by NIH to UAB and partners allows researchers to continue following participants enrolled in the national Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study.
  • Record number of UAB students accepted to 2023 World Congress on Undergraduate Research
    Selected students worked on research projects impacting the challenges that the global community is facing.
  • How interleukin-6 helps prevent allergic asthma and atopy by suppressing interleukin-2 signaling
    Knowledge of this previously unrecognized mechanism may aid therapy for patients with interleukin-6 signaling mutations and hyper-IgE Syndrome, or HIES.