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Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

Please use the links at the left to access the online calendars for our conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Please help us by making conservative requests for use of these rooms - such as making revolving requests in 3-to-6 month intervals. Please be prepared for limited approval of your requests, should they span beyond 6 months in length. 

MCLM 706, MCLM 719, MCLM 912, MCLM 934, and THT 936 all feature HD TVs suited for professional presentations.

To reserve the THT 936 conference room or huddle rooms, please visit the CDIB Conference Room Bookings Page (Schedule online)

To reserve MCLM 702 and MCLM 901A, please visit UAB Virtual EMS as those rooms are managed by the HSOM Deans Office. For access to Virtual EMS, please complete the MEIS - Service Request form found here
If you have any questions regarding MCLM 702 or MCLM 901A, please contact Ainslee Boswell at ainslee@uab.edu.

If you need to schedule a recurring meeting or have questions regarding THT 936, MCLM 719, MCLM 912, or MCLM 934 please email us at CDIBConfRooms@uab.edu.

In effort to keep our conference and huddle rooms clean, please be sure to throw away all trash upon leaving the rooms. We also ask that the white boards be wiped off so it is clean for the next reservation.

See the links below for alternative conference rooms in other departments/areas.

The following is a list of other departments “reservable” spaces; please note that they are “linked” for ease of use.