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Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

  • Four projects funded through annual Heersink Multi-Investigator Program Awards
    May 08, 2024
    UAB Heersink School of Medicine has awarded four grants for the 2023/2024 Heersink Multi-Investigator Program Awards, which are each funded with $150,000 per year for two years.
  • Yoder ranks No. 8 nationally in NIH funding among anatomy and cell biologists
    May 07, 2024
    Bradley Yoder, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology, has ranked No. 8 of over 800 principal investigators in the fields of anatomy and cell biology, according to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research report for 2023. Yoder achieved this ranking after securing over $4.2 million in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding.
  • Honoring women faculty promoted in 2023 with annual Reception
    Apr 16, 2024
    The Heersink School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion hosted the annual Women in Medicine and Science Promotion Reception April 11, which recognized women faculty promoted at the end of 2023. The honorees and their guests were greeted by Heersink leadership to celebrate their remarkable achievements.
  • Two UAB students selected as Goldwater Scholars 2024
    Apr 16, 2024
    The Goldwater Program received 1,353 nominations from 446 institutions this year, and the winners will receive a scholarship covering tuition, housing, fees and books.
  • Heersink School of Medicine receives over $610 million in research funding for 2023
    Apr 10, 2024
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Marnix E. Heersink School of Medicine saw great success in acquiring research funding in 2023, making significant strides in securing resources to advance human health through biomedical discovery.
  • Team Action for Scientific Solutions: Glycobiology Group Meetings
    Apr 03, 2024
    In the intricate landscape of cellular biology, a group of dedicated Heersink investigators is unraveling the mysteries of protein glycosylation, particularly focusing on the enigmatic world of sialylation. Led by Susan Bellis, Ph.D., the Glycobiology group at UAB delves deep into the significance of sialic acid modifications and their profound impact on cellular behavior. As we sat down with Bellis, she shared valuable insights into the group's pioneering work and its pivotal role in shaping our understanding of glycobiology.
  • Announcing the 2024 Pittman Scholars
    Jan 24, 2024
    The UAB Marnix E. Heersink School of Medicine is pleased to announce the newest cohort of James A. Pittman Jr., M.D., Scholars.
  • Team Action for Scientific Solutions: Polycystic Kidney Disease Group
    Jan 05, 2024
    Bradley Yoder, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology, introduces the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Group.
  • International PhD student’s educational journey culminates at UAB
    Dec 07, 2023
    Green will graduate with his doctoral degree in biology from UAB on Dec. 8.
  • Faculty honored at 2023 Argus Awards ceremony
    Nov 29, 2023
    On Friday, Nov. 17, 2023, students from Heersink School of Medicine gathered to celebrate faculty, courses, and course directors at the annual Argus Awards Ceremony.
  • Heersink School of Medicine welcomes 13 new endowed chairs and professorships
    Nov 27, 2023
    Anupam Agarwal, M.D., dean of the Heersink School of Medicine, welcomed 13 esteemed faculty members, their families, and Heersink School of Medicine leaders to the Wallace Tumor Institute on Nov. 14 to honor the new endowed chairs and professorships for their contributions to modern medicine and medical education.
  • Fecal microbe transplants: B. vulgatus genes that correlate with early colonization
    Oct 12, 2023
    Researchers found 19 Bacteroides vulgatus genes that were unique to three strains that show early engraftment in patients after a fecal transplant, as opposed to seven strains that did not show early engraftment. Most transplant failures occur in the first four weeks.
  • UAB graduate built an anatomy study hub for her master’s degree. Now in med school, she is putting it to use.
    Aug 11, 2023
    Hunter Caroline Davies will receive her master’s degree in anatomical science at UAB’s summer commencement Aug. 11. But she is already back in the classroom as part of the Heersink School of Medicine’s class of 2027.
  • McFarland receives R01 to study human microbiome in brain tumors
    Jun 21, 2023
    Braden McFarland, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology and co-director of the UAB Undergraduate Cancer Biology Program, was recently awarded a $1.6 million R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health to study the role of human gut microbes in mouse models of glioblastoma.
  • HaoSheng Sun named a Freeman Hrabowski scholar by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
    Jun 15, 2023
    The 31 new scholars from 22 U.S. institutions are all outstanding early career faculty in science who have the potential to become leaders in their research fields and advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Each scholar will receive up to $8.6 million over 10 years.
  • How interleukin-6 helps prevent allergic asthma and atopy by suppressing interleukin-2 signaling
    May 05, 2023
    Knowledge of this previously unrecognized mechanism may aid therapy for patients with interleukin-6 signaling mutations and hyper-IgE Syndrome, or HIES.
  • New study details inflammation in early stages of Parkinson’s disease
    Mar 01, 2023
    The findings indicate that inflammation is present in the brain early in the disease’s progression, but how inflammation affects disease progression remains unknown.
  • Osteoarthritis: Multi-ancestry analysis reveals novel genetic loci associated with the disease
    Dec 04, 2022
    The first large multi-ancestry genetics study of osteoarthritis, or OA, has found 10 novel OA-associated genetic loci, and results showed some of the OA-associated regions are robustly found in every population ancestry studied.
  • UAB Heersink School of Medicine granted full LCME accreditation at the highest level possible
    Nov 09, 2022
    The Heersink School of Medicine has achieved eight years of accreditation — the highest level available for medical schools across the U.S. — by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education after a rigorous two-year process.
  • Fecal microbial transplants show lack of predictability when no prior antibiotic treatment is given to recipient
    Nov 04, 2022
    This finding suggests utility of treatments before fecal microbial transplants to reduce recipient microbial communities. This would help donor microbial strains dominate in the recipient.