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Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

CDIB Huddle Room Reservation Rules

Huddle Rooms are allowed to be reserved for two hours at a time (exceptions will be made for committee meetings, qualifying exams, dissertation, etc). Reservations for recurringweekly/monthly meetings will not be allowed in the huddle rooms at this time. During this time of COVID, if you have a zoom meeting, please utilize your workspace with headphones (depending on the nature of the meeting), schedule a conference room, or schedule zoom meetings at home. The conference rooms that are available to reserve are: MCLM 901A, MCLM 365, and THT 936. Please see link below for conference room availability:

The Huddle Rooms feature a TV set-up. If you need help setting up, please let us know.

You are welcome to bring in food, however it is your responsibility to have the room cleaned after your meeting. You are welcome to move tables and chairs to best serve your event, however the room must be placed in its original configuration before you leave! No exceptions! (This includes, but is not limited to, putting table and chairs back to original position).   

Before leaving, please be sure to:

Throw away all trash 

Clean/Disinfect the table

We have placed a bottle of 70% Ethanol in both Huddle Rooms. Please be sure to use that when cleaning. In order to maintain social distancing, we recommend that only 1-3 people be in the room at one time. 

Thanks for your cooperation in helping keep our huddle rooms in working order for a variety of groups and events daily.