Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology faculty direct five robust and diverse research programs and garner substantial international and national recognition for themselves, as well as our department, and our institution. Faculty research, scientific service, leadership, and scholarly activities reflect our department’s vision of uniting exemplary, multidisciplinary academic scholarship, education, and research. Our faculty serve on NIH and private foundation study sections, on editorial boards, and on a number of research and training advisory panels.  Locally, a number of CDIB faculty have been appointed to important service positions including serving as the Dean of the UAB Graduate School, leaders in the Faculty Senate, and as Directors of themes in the UAB graduate program, GBS. Nationally, our faculty have served as members of research advocacy committees to the US Congress, and as the President of the American Society of Neurochemistry, for example. In addition, many of our faculty members serve as NIH and University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Center Directors and direct graduate, medical education, and training programs. Publication histories in high-impact journals reflect the successful research efforts and achievements of our CDIB faculty. Furthermore, CDIB faculty have been very successful in obtaining research funding, as shown by a total research support portfolio in excess of $16M in annual direct awards.