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How We Help

We currently provide facility use, equipment use, support services, and other resources for over 40 labs conducting funded studies that utilize MRI. We provide assistance with protocol development, data collection, and hardware development, along with:

  • Developing new techniques and facilitating the development work of our users, including translating work from other research centers to UAB.
  • Providing training for PIs, staff, and students for safety and data collection.
  • Facilitating interactions among investigators through regularly scheduled workshops through the CINL Brain Core and Neuroimaging Colloquium, centered on the development and implementation of state-of-the-art methods for analysis of higher-level neuroimaging data.

Getting Started

For researchers with newly funded studies or pilot studies, please view our Policies and Procedures page to learn what is required for access and use of our facilities. CINL maintains documentation for scanner policies and procedures and data analysis tools at https://uab-cinl.github.io. Visit the site to find the correct forms to fill out to get started scanning on the Siemens 3T Prisma scanner at UAB Hospital-Highlands. In addition, there are guides in using common preprocessing pipelines on UAB's computing cluster, Cheaha. This includes converting data to a BIDS format, fmriprep for structural and functional preprocessing, qsiprep for DWI preprocessing, and more. 

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