The mission of the Civitan International Research Center is to improve the well-being and the quality of life of individuals and families affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through an inquisitive and caring environment we seek to:

Expand our knowledge about human development and developmental disabilities through conducting basic and applied research:

  • Use this knowledge to develop and provide high quality, exemplary services and programs
  • Provide interdisciplinary clinical and research training in developmental disabilities
  • Exchange information in a timely way with consumers, practitioners, scientists, and society


The Civitan Center's activities are guided by a strong commitment to values that recognize all people first as individuals. We endorse full inclusion for individuals with disabilities in all aspects of community life. Individuals with disabilities and family members participate in all aspects of planning, service, research, and training at the Civitan Center. Through partnerships with consumers, professionals, organizations, and agencies, the Civitan Center seeks to shape policy decisions related to research and to increase the opportunities for inclusion, independence, productivity, and personal life satisfaction for individuals with developmental disabilities.