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The Civitan International Research Center (CIRC) is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to improving lives through brain research and treatment of developmental disabilities. Over 100 Civitan Scientists and staff are dedicated to basic and translational research - moving basic scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic and community. Our Civitan Scientists represent 19 departments and 5 schools on the UAB campus, at the Civitan-Sparks Clinics, Children's Hospital, and other clinical settings at UAB. Research and clinical activities include such diseases and disorders as Alzheimers, Autism, Brain Tumors, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Rett Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury among others. For information on specific research by scientist visit the CIRC Scientists page.

The CIRC is home to the Center for Neurodegeneration and Experimental Therapeutics, the Kennedy Shriver Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Research Center, and the Epilepsy Center.