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Given the breadth of research areas covered by the faculty affiliated with the CPHS Program, Internal Medicine residents who are interested in participating in outcomes, population health, or community-based types of research have a variety of options. A resident research elective would follow the following general process, with guidance along the way from CPHS Faculty, the CPHS Program Director, as well as the CMR for Research:

  1. A General Internal Medicine resident would sign up to do a one-month research elective and identify a potential CPHS mentor with shared interests.

  2. The resident would meet with said faculty member 2-3 months ahead of the elective to identify a project (most likely a review or secondary data analysis) that they would like to do and then complete IRB paperwork.

  3. The resident and faculty would have a minimum of weekly meetings during the month, the resident could attend research meetings, and CPHS will help identify additional research activities to supplement and enhance the resident's experience and exposure to research, as needed/wanted.

  4. Upon completion of the elective, resident would at a minimum have an abstract to submit locally, with the possibility of an additional national presentation or paper submission.