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The CF Research Center is well-integrated with other training grants on campus, many of which have supported pre- and postdoctoral students pursuing CF research.

Trainees who work on CF-related projects and are also awarded stipends from the CF Foundation, UAB Institutional funds, minority training supplements, etc. Selected training grant resources available to CF Research Center trainees are listed below. Additional information can be found on the Graduate School Training Grants Page

PI Grant Title
Recent CF Trainees (PI)
Amjad Javed T90 Dental Academic Research Training Program (DART) J Baty (Scoffield)
Harry Schroeder T32 Immunologic Diseases and Basic Immunology E Yepsen (Harrod)
Bradley Yoder T32 Training Program in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology K Thrasher (Bedwell) E Harris Rose (Rowe) J Huffines (Kiedrowski) S Bollenbecker
Talene Yacoubian T32 Medical Scientist Training Program  J Peabody Lever (Rowe) L Jones (Barnes & Krick)
Amit Gaggar T32 Training Program in Lung Biology and Translational Medicine L Rasmussen (Raju) N Lindgren Rose (Guimbellot) J Peabody Lever (Rowe)
Kenneth Saag TL1 Predoctoral Clinical/Translational Research Program E Hughes (Kiedrowski) S Vang (Barnes) S Bollenbecker (Krick)