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Name (Department)
P&F Funding Dates Topic
Rowe, Steven (Medicine) 
Role of Flavonoids in CFTR Biogenesis and Activation
Liu, Gang/Abraham, Edward (Medicine) 2007-2010 Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications of HMGB1 in CF Lung Inflammation
Keeling, Kim (Microbiology) 2009-2011 The Effect of NMD Repression on the Suppression of CFTR Nonsense Mutations
Gutierrez, Hector  (Pediatrics) 2009-2011 Statistical Process Control (SPC) - Validated Home Spirometry for CF Lung Disease
Crain, Marilyn (Pediatrics) 2009-2012 Mucoid Steptococcus Pneumoniae in the CF Lung
Aller, Stephen (Pharmacology) 2011-2013 Structure-Based Correction of the Major Defect in Cystic Fibrosis
Caldwell, Guy (Uni of AL, Biological Sciences) 2011-2013 Investigation of TorsinA Modulation as a Therapeutic Strategy for Cystic Fibrosis
Hartman, John (Genetics) 2013-2015 A yeast model for nascent biogenesis of CFTR-∆F508
Wang, Robert (Samford Pharmacy) 2013-2015 Develop novel F508del modulators by targeting NBD1 conformation
Stalvey, Mike (Pediatrics) 2015-2017 Growth and Bone Metabolism in the CFTR Deficient Rat – A Model for Pathogenesis and Intervention
Woodworth, Bradley (Otolaryngology) 2015-2017 Impaired mucus detachment in CF rat and human nasal epithelium
Thannickal, Victor (Medicine) 2017-2018 Mucus Viscoelasticity is Mediated by Oxidase Enzymes through Oxidative Protein Crosslinking
Campos-Gomez, Javier (Southern Research Institute) 2017-2018 Engineered PF Phage to treat pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm infections
Scoffield, Jessica (Microbiology) 2018-2021 Antimicrobial mechanisms of commensal streptococci in CF lung infections
Oates, Gabriela (Pediatrics) 2018-2021 Impact of second-hand smoke on response to CFTR correction in CF patients
Patel, Rakesh (Pathology) 2021-2023 Erythrocyte hemolysis and lung disease in cystic fibrosis
Plaisance, Eric (Exercise Physiology) 2021-2023 Ketone monoester supplementation in cystic fibrosis: A pilot and feasibility study
Guimbellot, Jennifer/Acosta, Edward (Medicine) 2023-2025 Role of therapeutic drug monitoring to manage druge induced liver injury in CF
Fu, Lianwu (Medicine) 2023-2025 Treating cystic fibrosis with super-functional CFTR