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The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Comprehensive Diabetes Center (UCDC) is a dynamic, driven research center dedicated to the research of diabetes. Its mission is to perform cutting-edge research, train future clinicians and researchers, and develop novel treatments approaches. UCDC researchers, led by center director Anath Shalev, M.D., are making impressive strides toward identifying new and better ways to treat diabetes.

About 10 percent of those in the United States have diabetes, while around 15 percent of Alabamians have diabetes. Located in central Alabama, the center is uniquely equipped to investigate the health disparities of diabetes. Supported by one of the four largest academic medical centers in the United States, the UCDC is a powerhouse for understanding and treating diabetes through its large body of research.

As the UCDC embarks on its next stage of growth, it is launching an ambitious fundraising campaign to accelerate and expand discovery and innovation efforts. These fundraising efforts will support for one, the new Strategic Faculty Recruitment Initiative in Diabetes Research recently launched in collaboration with the Heersink School of Medicine to bring the center’s highly successful, robust interdisciplinary research to the next level and two, to push the boundaries of science to develop even better and more targeted diabetes treatment approaches and diagnostic tools.

When you donate to the UCDC, you directly support our continuous research efforts to enhance the understanding and treatment of diabetes. Whether you give in honor of a loved one, colleague, or friend, the UCDC is grateful for your support.