Head of Quality Improvement, Department of Emergency Medicine
Medical Director, Department of Critical Care Transport

Research and Clinical Interests
Quality improvement, EMS, critical care transport


Over the last 14 years, I have had the privilege serving the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine as a faculty member in the department of emergency medicine and as medical director for the department of critical care transport (CCT). I am honored to teach resident physicians, students and staff in a variety of settings including simulation laboratories, classroom didactics and bedside instruction. As the head of quality improvement (QI), I am fortunate to dedicate a portion of my academic and administrative time to furthering the education and experiences of all members of our department. The QI process serves to identify, highlight and review specific cases, practice patterns and relevant literature pertinent to the practice of emergency medicine. Our goal is to improve the quality of care rendered to our patients. It is by far one of the most educational and informative processes in our department and continues to provide a supportive and non-punitive approach to continued learning.

Critical care transport is a department with over 35-years of experience in providing inter-facility transportation of critically ill patients. As medical director I oversee the transport of patients by both ground and fixed-wing modalities. Our service encompasses a broad spectrum of critical ill patients including traumatic injuries, sepsis, respiratory failure and acute vascular and neurologic compromise. In addition, we provide transport to patients requiring specialty monitoring and assist devices including intracranial pressure monitors, cardiac and respiratory support measures (left ventricular assist devices or LVADs, intra-aortic balloon bumps or IABPs and mechanical ventilation). We have recently collaborated with the department of cardiothoracic surgery to provide transport options for patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation management (ECMO) and are partners with the Alabama Legacy of Hope serving to close the gap between those in need of organ and tissue transplants. We are a CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) certified organization dedicated to providing quality and safe patient transportation.


American Board of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Selected Publications

Heimann, MA and Barlotta, KS. Septic Joint: Reminders, Updates & Pitfalls. emDocs. May 9, 2015. http://www.emdocs.ent/septic-joint-reminders-updates-and-pitfalls/

Barlotta, KS and Vanlandingham, S. Evaluation and Management of Implanted Cardiac Devices. Critical Decsions in Emergency Medicine. October 2015: Volume 29 (10); 2-14.

Barlotta, KS. Traumatic Eye Eneucleation. Book chapter in The Atlas of Emergency Medicine. 4th Edition. McGraw-Hill Education Publishing. 2016.



Medical School
Temple University School of Medicine

University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Masters in Biomedical Science, University of Massachusetts


Office Location
Kracke 5