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The vision of the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine (UCEM) is to foster an environment that establishes UAB as the nation's leader in exercise biology and medicine research and education. Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of children and adults of all ages through: innovative, interdisciplinary research; training and education of scientists, healthcare professionals, and the community; and recruiting leading scientists and clinicians into exercise-based research programs. The UCEM interdisciplinary team brings together more than 180 members and trainees, 35 departments, and 10 schools. The center also houses three university-wide core facilities, provides research training and pilot support to trainees and faculty, conducts exercise biology and medicine teaching blocks as part of the UAB medical school curriculum, and sponsors an annual symposium.  

UCEM Hosts 4th Annual Symposium

On September 22, 2016 the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine hosted its fourth Annual Symposium in Birmingham, Alabama. Over 130 scientists, clinicians, and trainees attended the symposium which took place in the ballroom at the Hill Student Center on the campus of UAB. Attendees traveled from the Atlanta VA, Auburn University, Georgia Southern, Samford University, University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Huntsville, University of Montevallo, UAB/Lakeshore Foundation, Southern Research, and various schools within UAB. Speakers for the event included: Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington; Darrell Neufer, PhD from East Carolina University; Scott Trappe, PhD from Ball State University; Krista Vandenborne, PT, PhD from University of Florida; and Mike Roberts, PhD from Auburn University. UAB faculty Ceren Yarar-Fisher, PT, PhD; Robert Motl, PhD; David Brown, PT, PhD;  and Dori Pekmezi, PhD were also featured speakers at the symposium. 

External Advisory Panel
Scott Trappe, PhD
Symposium 2016
Darrell Neufer, PhD
Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD
Symposium 2016
Symposium 2016
Mike Roberts, PhD
Marcas Bamman, PhD
Dori Pekmezi, PhD
Symposium 2016
David Brown, PT, PhD
Symposium 2016

Poster Competition Winners

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As part of the annual symposium, $600 travel scholarships were awarded to the top five presenters in the trainee poster competition. Congratulations to the winners! Pictured above from left to right: Mark E. Pepin, Christine Loyd, Cody T. Haun, Yufeng Zhang, Jonathan Warren.

Cody T. Haun, School of Kinesiology, Auburn University 
Performance-Related And Molecular Effects Of External Pneumatic Compression Treatment As An Adjuvant To Heavy, Voluminous Resistance Exercise

Christine Loyd, PhD, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism; Comprehensive Diabetes Center, UAB
Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Is Required For Beneficial Effects Of Exercise During Chronic High-Fat Feeding

Mark E. Pepin, Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology; Department of Biomedical Engineering, UAB
GADD45B Is A Novel Candidate Regulator Of Epigenetic Reprogramming In Human Diabetic Heart Failure

Jonathan Warren, Department of Nutrition Sciences, UAB
Acute Metabolic Responses To A Hyperinsulinemic-Euglycemic Clamp

Yufeng Zhang, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University
Cross-Training In Birds: Cold And Exercise Training Produce Similar Changes In Maximal Metabolic Output, Muscle Masses And Myostatin Expression In House Sparrows