The vision of the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine (UCEM) is to cultivate an environment that establishes UAB among the nation's leaders in exercise biology and medicine research and education. To fulfill its vision, UCEM’s Mission is to impact the health and well-being of children and adults of all ages via: Acceleration of innovative, exercise-based interdisciplinary research across five pillars – precision, regeneration, rehabilitation, interaction, and sustainability; Cutting-edge training and mentorship programs that prepare the future leaders in exercise biology and medicine; Effective recruitment of talented scholars poised to advance research innovation and impact; and Community engagement and experiential learning programs grounded on a strong evidence base. The UCEM interdisciplinary team brings together more than 200 members and trainees, 35 UAB departments, and 10 UAB schools. The center also houses three university-wide core facilities, provides research training and pilot support to trainees and faculty, conducts exercise biology and medicine teaching blocks as part of the UAB medical school curriculum, and sponsors an annual symposium. 

UCEM overview Mar 2019 v7