GBS 746J Exercise Medicine
JC CRN 36297; 1 credit hour

Disease risks associated with chronic physical inactivity are widespread. Exercise training induces a complex array of coordinated cellular and molecular processes that improve symptoms and co-morbidities associated with numerous chronic conditions including musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, metabolic, immunologic, and neurologic disorders. Understanding the mechanisms underlying exercise-induced adaptations and their clinical utility in disease treatment and prevention is therefore a truly interdisciplinary effort. Students will interact with scientists and clinicians from several disciplines, and will present and discuss the latest and most impactful exercise-based research in both human and animal model systems. Each month, one journal club topic will also relate to the monthly UCEM Distinguished Lecture Series spanning molecular, biological, clinical, and behavioral research. Individuals interested in any aspect of exercise biology and medicine are encouraged to attend.

Enrollment: Open to any graduate student in a related discipline.
The Exercise Medicine Journal Club meets every year in the Spring and Fall semester. 
Course director: Matthew Alexander, PhD at

For more information, contact Purnima Kasthuri Janarthanan at