Why serve as a UAB Family Medicine Preceptor?

Family Medicine providers who serve as preceptors for students in the Department of Family and Community Medicine share in the rich tradition of role modeling and mentorship in medical education. This is your opportunity to shape the next generation of physicians, give back to the profession, and serve in the role that many other physicians served in your own medical training. Individual preceptors are highly valued as they heavily influence a student's choice of family medicine as a career. Serving as a UAB Family Medicine preceptor is a unique and meaningful opportunity for you to act as a role model in a field you are passionate about while also caring for the patients you serve.

Family Medicine providers who serve as a preceptor also receive several benefits above and beyond the intrinsic satisfaction of providing up-to-date learning experiences for our future physicians.

hours of CME credits each year
resources from the Lister Hill Library 
professional development and leadership calls

  • Professional Development

    • Ability to participate in a professional network connecting Alabama Family Medicine Practitioners in rural, urban underserved, and community settings

    • Access to free distance-accessible professional development opportunities

    • Participation in semi-annual faculty development retreats

    • A certificate acknowledging your contribution as a partner in educating and preparing UAB Family and Community Medicine students

  • Education

    • Access to the vast and updated Lister Hill Library online resources

      • Access to UpToDate, a $559 annual value

      • Total online library resources valued at more than $65,000 annually

    • Brief and practical Teaching Tips sent regularly via email

    • Zoom video access to semi-monthly Grand Rounds over the noon lunch hour, including free Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit

    • Access to the Department of Family and Community Medicine interdisciplinary team (psychologists, dietitians, physical therapists) for consultation

    • Participation in an annual educational and recognition banquet

  • Wellness

For more information, contact Madison Williamson at mwwilliamson@uabmc.edu