Daniel BullardBullard Laboratory

Dr. Bullard's lab is focused on the regulation of immune and inflammatory responses.

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jake chen 200x300Chen Laboratory 

Dr. Chen's lab is focused on bioinformatics, data mining, and systems biology for precision medicine applications.

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Cehong Zechen 2017Chong Laboratory 

Dr. Chong’s lab is focused on the algorithm development, function and mechanisms of genomic rearrangements.

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dybvigDybvig Laboratory

Dr. Dybvig's lab is focused on exploring the pathogenic mechanisms of mycoplasmas.

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EdmondsEdmonds Laboratory

Dr. Edmonds' lab is focused on exploring cancer genetics.

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John HartmanHartman Laboratory

Dr. Hartman's lab is focused on yeast phenomic models of disease to reveal gene interaction networks that inform precision medicine.

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jiaoJiao Laboratory

Dr. Jiao's lab is focused on TGF-beta/Bmp signaling during cardiogenesis.

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kasturiMitra Laboratory

Dr. Mitra's lab is focused on exploring the significance of mitochondrial structural change in health and disease.

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robert kestersonKesterson Laboratory

Dr. Kesterson's lab is focused on investigating the hypothalamic control of feeding behavior.

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Runhua Liu webLiu Laboratory

Dr. Liu's lab is focused on exploring cancer cell biology and cancer genetics.


Marquez Lago Tatiana Web

Marquez-Lago Laboratory

Dr. Marquez-Lago's lab studies host-microbiota interactions, antimicrobial resistance, chromatin conformation and gene expression (interdisciplinary research involving ‘wet’ experimental and ‘dry’ mathematical and computational work).

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Keshav Singh Web 100x150

Singh Laboratory

Dr. Singh's lab is focused on understanding i) the mechanisms of mitochondria-to-nucleus cross talk and ii) the mechanisms underlying biogenesis of nuclear mitochondria (numtogenesis) and its role in pathogenesis 

Wallis schultz Deeann researchWallis Laboratory 

 Dr. Wallis' Lab is focused on Drug Discovery for Neurofibromatosis. 

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Lizhong WangWang Laboratory

Dr. Wang's lab is focused on cancer genetics and molecular epidemiology in prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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