Training the new generation of health professionals committed to the field of Tropical Medicine and Global Health

The Gorgas Courses in Tropical Medicine are held at the Alexander von Humboldt Tropical Medicine Institute in Lima, located next to the Tropical Diseases Unit of the Cayetano Heredia Hospital, the major tropical diseases referral center for Peru. The diverse geography of the country provides the participants with the unparalleled opportunity of first-hand exposure to the unique wide spectrum of tropical diseases that concentrate in this facility.

The Gorgas Diploma Course

2024 Diploma Course (Jan 29th - March 29th). Applications are closed for 2024.
Taught in English in Peru targeted to clinicians and nurses wanting to acquire experience in the field of Tropical Medicine. Limited to 40 participants.

The Gorgas Advanced Course

2023 Advanced Course (April 17th - April 28th).
2-week bedside clinical experience directed to experienced clinicians in the field of Tropical Medicine wanting to solidify their clinical skills and knowledge. Limited to 20 participants. 

The Gorgas Tropical Dermatology Course

2023 Dermatology Course (2nd week of April 2023).
1-week intense clinical experience to make participants familiarized with the epidemiology, clinical, laboratory and histopathological aspects of dermatological presentations of tropical diseases. Limited to 20 participants.