New TEM Camera

New TEM Camera

New High Speed TEM Camera

October 08, 2019

We are pleased to announce a recent upgrade in the Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab in the HRIF. Our TEM Lab (located in the Shelby Building Basement in Suite B40) has acquired an Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) BioSprint 29, a high speed 29 Megapixel TEM camera which employs the use of AMT’s high precision ActiveVu lens. This system provides high definition images that are perfect for any life science application. The new addition of the camera to our existing transmission electron microscope allows investigators to capture images in the magnification range of 18.5x-650kx.

This upgrade was generously funded by UAB’s Health Services Foundation(HSF) and is due to the kind support of investigators like you. We look forward to any feedback on our newly installed system and appreciate your continued support as we apply for future grants so that we can continue to offer technology in support of your research. To schedule imaging time on our new camera, please contact Melissa Chimento or Ed Phillips at 205-934-1926.

Core Day 2019

Core Day 2019

UAB Core Day 2019

July 30, 2019

Hello core users, we are happy to announce that we will be at UAB's Core Day this year on August 28th, 2019 from 11AM to 1PM in the West Pavilion Atrium. Stop by to learn more about what HRIF can do for your research and check out all the other amazing resources available here at UAB!

Core Day website

Leica Demo

Leica Demo

DEMO: Leica Microsystems Confocal Innovations

July 09, 2019

We would like to announce that Leica Microsystems will be here at UAB offering demos on their machines from July 16-25.

Please RSVP for sample preparation information and to reserve your time on the instrument!


Please email Shawn Williams ( if you have any questions or would like to setup a time to see a demonstration.

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