The 2024 Vaccine Lecture and Symposium will be held on October 3rd, 2024 featuring Dr. Matthew Laurens, Professor of Pediatrics and of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, as the keynote speaker.

Establishment of the Dorothy Oliver and Drucilla Russ-Jackson Vaccine Lecture

The UAB Immunology Institute, Department of Microbiology, and American Society for Microbiology Student Chapter are honored to establish the annual Dorothy Oliver and Drucilla Russ-Jackson Vaccine Lecture. Dorothy Oliver, a retired Alabama woman, and county commissioner, Drucilla Russ-Jackson were instrumental in increasing vaccination efforts in rural Alabama. "The Panola Project" resulted in almost all of the 344 residents in Panola, Alabama receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Ms. Oliver and Russ-Jackson's efforts have made national headlines including The New Yorker and People Magazine.

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