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Interest income from the David E. Wells Endowment will be used to support an award in the amount of $1000 for the best student lecture presented during the David E. Wells Memorial Symposium. 

The first stage of the Wells award will be submission of a two page synopsis of dissertation research performed by PhD students in their fourth year of study and beyond. After faculty review of these documents, the top 3 students will be invited to participate in the annual UAB Department of Microbiology “David Wells Memorial Symposium” where they will deliver a 20 minute oral presentation describing their research to a panel of faculty judges, members of the department and the UAB research community. The presenters will then have five minutes to answer questions from the audience and judging panel. The faculty judges will identify the best presentation.


PhD student in the fourth year of study or beyond who is being mentored by a primary microbiology department faculty member is eligible to compete for this award. Students in this category who have previously won the award are ineligible.

Application Procedure

The application deadline is November 4th, 2022. The application must be filled out online and submitted along with a 2 page abstract containing a synopsis of dissertation research, and a curriculum vita. The application packet must be uploaded as a single PDF.