Primary Faculty

  • Theibert, Anne B, Ph.D.


    Research Areas
    Role of phosphoinositides in developmental neurobiology

  • Thyme, Summer B., Ph.D.

    Summer Thyme 2Assistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Uncovering Mechanisms of Neuropsychiatric Disease Using Zebrafish

  • Visscher, Kristina, Ph.D.

    Kristina VisscherAssociate Professor
    Co-director, Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory

    Research Areas
    Cognitive neuroscience

  • Wadiche, Jacques, Ph.D.

    Jacques Wadiche, Ph.D.Professor

    Research Areas
    Neurotransmitter and neurotrophin receptors and cell signaling; learning, memory and synaptic plasticity; ion channels and synaptic function

  • Wilson, Scott, Ph.D.

    swilsonAssociate Professor

    Research Areas
    Nervous system development; ubiquitin; protein degradation