Primary Faculty

  • Beas, Sofia, Ph.D.

    beasAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Elucidating the neuronal processes that guide motivation

  • Brenner, Michael, Ph.D.

    brennerProfessor Emeritus

    Research Areas
    Transcriptional regulation of GFAP, development of GFAP promoters for transgene expression in astrocytes, and GFAP mutations as a cause of Alexander disease

  • Crowder, Camerron, Ph.D.

    crowder Assistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Molecular mechanisms of rare disease, COVID-19, neuropsychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy), drug screening, hormonal signaling, development, reproduction

  • Cruikshank, Scott, Ph.D.

    ScottCruikshankAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Synaptic and cellular organization and processing in the neocortex and thalamus, with an emphasis on sensory systems

  • Cummings, Kirstie, Ph.D.

    CummingsAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Memory and fear

  • Day, Jeremy J., Ph.D.

    Jeremy DayAssociate Professor
    Director, Comprehensive Neuroscience Center
    Michael J. Fiedlander, PhD Heersink Endowed Professorship

    Research Areas
    Neurogenetics, substance use disorders, learning and memory, epigenetics, gene regulation and gene editing

  • Dobrunz, Lynn E., Ph.D.

    Director, Neuroengineering and Brain-Computer Interface Initiative (NBCII)

    Research Areas
    Learning, memory and synaptic plasticity; ion channels and synaptic function; neurodevelopment and developmental disabilities

  • Gavin, Cristin, Ph.D.

    gavin 150x150Assistant Professor
    Co-Director, Undergraduate Neuroscience Program
    Co-Director, Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)
    Associate Scientist, Civitan International Research Center

    Research Areas
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms of structural and functional plasticity; memory; mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disabilities

  • Gross, Alecia K., Ph.D.

    gavin 150x150Associate Professor
    Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs
    Faculty Onboarding
    SOM Director Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Theme
    Research Areas

    Molecular mechanisms of retinal degenerations due to genetic mutations and/or light damage; protein trafficking in photoreceptors and neurons; rod and cone disk cytoskeletal regulation

  • Hablitz, John J., Ph.D.

    jhablitzProfessor Emeritus
    Research Areas

    Neurodevelopment and developmental disabilities; ion channels and synaptic function

  • Heinsbroek, Jasper, Ph.D.

    Jasper HeinsbroekAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Circuit mechanisms that regulate motivated behavior and addiction with a specific focus on subcircuits in the interconnected nuclei of the ventral basal ganglia.

  • Ianov, Lara, Ph.D.

    IanovAssistant Professor
    Managing Director, UAB Biological Data Science Core (U-BDS)

    Research Areas
    Transcriptomics, epigenomics, computational biology, pipeline and workflow development

  • Li, Wei, Ph.D.

    Wei LiAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Synaptic transmission and plasticity, neurotrophins, neuron-glia interaction, motor and social behavior, neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Lubin, Farah, Ph.D.

    Farah LubinDistinguished Professor
    Triton Endowed Professorship
    Director, NINDS Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars Program
    Director, T32 Training Program in Cognition & Cognitive Disorders
    Co-Director for Research, IRACDA-MERIT Program
    Co-Chair, SoM Black/African-American Faculty Association
    SOM Office for Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Liaison
    Research Areas
    Learning, memory and synaptic plasticity; epigenetics, non-coding RNAs; gene transcription; epilepsy disorders; neurodevelopment and developmental disabilities

  • Newsom, Cassandra, Psy.D.

    NewsomAssociate Professor
    Director, Civitan Translational ASD/NDD Research Core

    Research Areas
  • Overstreet-Wadiche, Linda, Ph.D.

    Linda WadicheProfessor

    Research Areas
    Neurodevelopment and developmental disabilities; learning, memory and synaptic plasticity; ion channels and synaptic function; neurotransmitter and neurotrophin receptors and cell signaling

  • Peters, Jamie, Ph.D.

    Farah LubinAssociate Professor

    Research Areas
    Preclinical behavioral pharmacology using rodent self-administration models of addiction, optogenetic and chemogenetic dissection of neural circuit function, neural circuitry and mechanisms underlying extinction memory, and the intersection of aversion and reward in systems neuroscience.

  • Powell, Craig, M.D., Ph.D.

    Director, Civitan International Research Center
    Chair, Department of Neurobiology
    Virginia B. Spencer Endowed Chair
    Research Areas
    Autism, intellectual disability, cognitive dysfunction

  • Pozzo-Miller, Lucas, Ph.D.


    Research Areas
    Neurotransmitter and neurotrophin receptors and cell signaling; learning, memory and synaptic plasticity; ion channels, synaptic function, neurodevelopment and developmental disabilities

  • Roth, Jonathan, Ph.D.

    Roth headshotAssistant Professor

    Research Areas
    Biology of neurodegeneration and dementias; circadian dysfunction; therapeutic drug development and behavioral interventions.